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Local Partnership - Renfrew

The new model of Local Partnerships has replaced the Local Area Committees. Key functions such as the administration and disbursement of grants to local organisations have been retained however, the key aim is to ensure that the Local Partnerships reflect the views and requirements of local communities and encourage people to be more involved.
22 October 2018 - onwards
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Scheduled Meeting DateStart TimeEnd TimeVenueStatus 
06 February 201913:0015:00Corporate Meeting Room 1Occurred
28 March 201918:0020:00Renfrew Town HallOccurred
25 June 201918:0020:00Renfrew Town HallOccurred
26 November 201918:0020:00Renfrew Town HallOccurred
23 September 202018:0020:00Remotely via TeamsScheduled 
24 November 202018:0020:00Renfrew Town HallScheduled 


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Elected Members

PartyNameRoleMembership Dates
Scottish Labour Party
Councillor Bill Brown Member 27/09/2018 - current
Scottish Labour Party
Councillor Edward Grady Member 27/09/2018 - current
Scottish National Party
Councillor Lisa-Marie Hughes Member 27/09/2018 - current
Scottish National Party
Councillor Cathy McEwan Member 27/09/2018 - current
Scottish National Party
Councillor Jim Paterson Member 27/09/2018 - current
Scottish National Party
Councillor John Shaw Chair 27/09/2018 - current
Scottish Conservative and Unionist
Councillor Jane Strang Member 27/09/2018 - current


NameRoleMembership Dates
Ms Diane Booth Member 07/02/2019 - current
Ms Samantha Gillan Member 07/02/2019 - current
Mr Stuart Graham Officer 18/01/2019 - current
Mr Thomas Johnston Member 07/02/2019 - current
Mr Ramsay Maclennan Member 07/02/2019 - current
Mr Keith Matthews Member 23/10/2019 - current
Ms Roberta Roberton Member 07/02/2019 - current


NameRoleMembership Dates
Ms Annabelle Armstrong-Walter Officer 18/01/2019 - current
Mr Alastair MacArthur Lead Officer 18/01/2019 - current
Ms Carol Macdonald Officer 09/11/2018 - current
Ms Laura McIntyre Officer 18/01/2019 - current

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