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Terminated Joint Boards and Other Forums

Joint boards and joint committees are public bodies set up to work for several councils at once. Their administrative arrangements are generally managed by a single council. Renfrewshire Council look after the joint boards and joint committees listed below, together with a number of other forums which have members from outwith the Council. Use the links below to find out further details regarding the terminated Joint Board and Other Forums. .

Copies of the Joint Board Agenda and Minutes prior to January 2015 can be accessed via the link below

Joint Boards Agendas & Minutes (Prior to January 2015)

Terminated Joint Boards and Other Forums

North Strathclyde Community Justice AuthorityNorth Strathclyde Community Justice Authority

North Strathclyde Community Justice Authority

Renfrewshire Community PlanRenfrewshire Community Plan

Renfrewshire Community Plan