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Jobs & the Economy Thematic Board
12 Mar 2015 - 10:00 to 12:00
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Committee Members
Board Membership
Councillors Glen and Andy Doig; B Davidson, Chamber of Commerce; S Graham, Engage Renfrewshire; I McLean, Renfrewshire Forum for Empowering our Communities; R Nimmo, Glasgow Airport; J Downie, Police Scotland; M Crearie, F Carlin; and R Cooper, all Renfrewshire Council; S Clocherty and H Cunningham, Renfrewshire Community Health Partnership; K Sharp and A Loveday, Scottish Enterprise; I Miller, Skills Development Scotland; J Binning, Strathclyde Partnership for Transport; G Hunt, University of the West of Scotland; and A Dick, West College Scotland.
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Further Information
The meeting will take place within the Fleming Building which is signposted as you enter the Business Park.

Please note that parking within the Thermo Fisher car park is very limited and you may have to park your car on the street and walk to reception.

This is a meeting which is open to members of the public.

For further information contact
Items Of Business
Apologies received from members of the Board.
S Graham (Engage Renfrewshire); S Clocherty (Renfrewshire CHP); Councillor Andy Doig and M Crearie (Renfrewshire Council); I McLean (Renfrewshire Forum for Empowering our Communities); and G Hunt (University of West of Scotland).
Minute of meeting held on 5 September, 2014.
There was submitted the Minute of the Jobs & Economy Thematic Board held on 5 September, 2014.

DECIDED: That the Minute be approved.
Report by Clerk.
The Rolling Action Log was submitted for approval.

J&E.27.03.13(2.3iii) & J&E.09.01.14(6)

The Board were advised that Peter MacLeod, Director of Children’s Services had taken over as Lead Officer for the Children & Young People Thematic Board and a meeting would be organised in due course to discuss overlapping actions.  

J&E.09.01.14(7) – Development of Community Transport

A paper was tabled relative to the development of community transport. It advised that Strathclyde Partnership for Transport (SPT) was currently in discussions with a third sector organisation in Renfrewshire regarding taking on management of a 16-seater bus resourced from SPT as a community transport asset.

J&E.29.05.14(3c(i and ii)) – Strategic Sub Groups

(i) Alan Dick advised that a progress report relative to local job market provision, unemployment trends and issues/barriers would be submitted to the next meeting of the Board.

(ii) Alison Loveday tabled an update report relating to a pilot project whereby small teams of UWS international marketing students would carry out research for local Renfrewshire firms seeking to grow their business overseas. Students would work in groups of 3-4 and have the support of a Mentor (a representative from one of the Partners) as well as their Course Leader at UWS.


(a) That a progress report on the local job market provision, unemployment trends and issues/barriers be submitted to the next meeting of the Board; and

(b) That the Rolling Action Log be noted.
Report by Director of Development & Housing Services.
There was submitted a report by the Director of Development & Housing Services relative to an update on Year 1 progress report.

The report intimated that the Jobs and Economy Thematic Board reported its progress to Renfrewshire Community Planning Partnership Board on 4th February, 2015. It was noted that significant progress had been made in meeting and in most cases exceeding the targets established however this had meant that there was a need to review the targets and outcome measures.


(a) That the progress report made to the CPP Board be noted;

(b) That it be agreed that further consideration be given to the Performance targets.
Verbal update by Lead Officer.
F Carlin gave a verbal update relative to the development session which was held on 19th December, 2014. The workshop took place to start the process of establishing a revised action plan in the light of new initiatives. 
It was noted that work was currently underway to develop the timeline created at the workshop and a report would be submitted to the next meeting of the Board.

DECIDED: That a report on the development session be submitted to the next meeting of the Board.
Joint presentation by Development & Housing Services and West College Scotland.
A presentation was given by Ruth Cooper and Alan Dick relative to the EU funding proposals for the Renfrewshire CPP Area. The presentation highlighted the approach to funding; the priority gaps; the support in place to unemployed people in Renfrewshire; the programmes to be targeted; the available funding; and the progress of the online application.


(a) That it be agreed that the Jobs and the Economy Thematic Board support the range of employability proposals and activities;

(b) That it be agreed that Renfrewshire Council proceed to submit the relevant applications to the Scottish Government on behalf of the Community Planning Partnership; and

(c) That it be noted that further updates on the activities to be delivered by West College Scotland would be developed and brought to a future meeting of the Thematic Board.
Report by Director of Development and Housing Services.
There was submitted a report by Development & Housing Services relative to the Celebrating Even More Success Awards 2015. The report advised that the award ceremony would take place on Wednesday 17th June, 2015 with the annual Employability Conference taking place on Thursday 18th June, 2015.

DECIDED: That the report be noted.
Presentation and discussion led by Glasgow Airport and Scottish Enterprise.
A presentation was given by R Nimmo and A Loveday relative to the development of the International Investment Quarter (IIQ) located around Glasgow Airport. The presentation advised that the high level vision was for the IIQ to become an internationally recognised business location building on its winning combination of people, infrastructure and opportunity. It emphasised the opportunities to be gained; the priorities; and the next steps. 

(a) That it be agreed that the Jobs and the Economy Thematic Board support the development of the International Investment Quarter Initiative; and

(b) That it be agreed that a sub-group of officers progress the activities required to ensure that the wider economic potential from the IIQ is realised.
Newsletter by Economic Development.
There was submitted a newsletter by Economic Development which provided an overview of employment activity and economic development in Renfrewshire at the end of January 2015.

DECIDED: That the newsletter be noted.
Report by Skills Development Scotland.
A report was submitted by I Miller which provided an update on the Local Employability Partnership Meeting held on 27th February, 2015.

DECIDED: That the report be noted.
Report by Director of Finance & Resources.
There was submitted a proposed timetable for meetings of the Jobs & the Economy Thematic Board for the period August 2015 to November 2016.

DECIDED: That the timetable of meetings until November 2016 be approved.
L Hammell (DWP Jobcentre Plus); R Nimmo (Glasgow Airport Limited); B Davidson (Renfrewshire Chamber of Commerce); Councillor Glen, F Carlin and R Cooper (all Renfrewshire Council); H Cunningham (Renfrewshire Community Health Partnership); A Loveday and Kerry Sharp (both Scottish Enterprise); I Miller (Skills Development Scotland); J Binning (Strathclyde Partnership for Transport); and A Dick (West College Scotland).
Councillor Glen.
In Attendance
J Carswell (Life Technologies); and C MacDonald and Y Farquhar (both Renfrewshire Council).
The meeting was opened by Jim Carswell, Operations Director & Site Director who welcomed everyone to Life Technologies and gave a presentation outlining the history, the vision of the company, and what they hoped to achieve in the future. After the presentation and discussion Councillor Glen thanked Mr Carswell for the presentation and his hospitality.
On behalf of the Board, Councillor Glen extended his thanks to Isobel Miller, Skills Development Scotland for the significant contribution she had made to the Jobs & the Economy Thematic Board and for the advice and assistance she had provided and wished her well for the future. These sentiments were echoed by all members present.

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