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Local Partnership - Erskine, Inchinnan, Bishopton & Langbank
10 Nov 2021 - 18:00 to 20:00
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Committee Members
Standard Items
Neil Barrington (Langbank Community Council): Councillor Tom Begg: Jacqueline Doherty (Langbank Parent Partnership) Councillor Natalie Don: Councillor Jim Harte: Councillor James MacLaren: Councillor Colin McCulloch: Sam Mullin (Erskine Community Council) Margaret Morrison (Inchinnan Community Council): Councillor Iain Nicolson: Jacqui Reid (Erskine Development Trust); Hayden Sutherland (Bishopton Community Development Trust); David Woodrow (Bishopton Community Council)

Councillor Michelle Campbell, Chair
Recording of Meeting

This meeting will be recorded for subsequent broadcast via the Council’s internet site. If you have any queries regarding this please contact Committee Services on

To find the recording please follow the link which will be attached to this agenda once the meeting has concluded.

Prior to the commencement of the meeting, the Chair intimated that this meeting of the Local Partnership would be recorded and that the recording would be available to watch on the Council's website.
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Members are asked to declare an interest in any item(s) on the agenda and to provide a brief explanation of the nature of the interest.
There were no declarations of interest intimated prior to the commencement of the meeting.
Minute of previous meeting held on 17 June 2021. 
There was submitted the Minute of the meeting of Erskine, Inchinnan, Bishopton and Langbank Local Partnership held on 17 June 2021.

DECIDED: That the Minute be approved. 
2 Matters Arising
DECIDED: It was noted that there were no matters arising from the previous meeting.
Round table discussion
  1. pdf COVID 19 (193Kb)
There was submitted a presentation by the Partnership Manager relative to Covid-19 and the impacts and the community response.

The questions posed in the presentation were: -

How did the Covid-19 pandemic affect local communities specifically; 
How did the community respond;
What worked well; and
What can we learn for the future.

In response to the first question, the main areas highlighted were the importance of local resources was vital and lack of a resilience plan; lack of guidance and leadership from the Council to various bodies within the community on how to assist their communities, where a set criteria and set of guidelines which communities could work through to organise themselves.

In terms of how the community responded, the manner in which communities came together and formed partnerships was highlighted. Groups formed to set up various activities and look after the more vulnerable members of their communities.

In relation to the question of what worked well, the establishment by the Council of the Community Food Partnership enabled the Council to work with community groups, and in the case of groups which had not previously been involved in food distribution, allowed a form of “buddy” system to facilitate the delivery and distribution of food parcels throughout the communities. It also allowed the groups to identify quickly what worked well.

Finally, in terms of learning for the future, it was felt that processes and procedures should have been in place and funding could have been controlled centrally by Renfrewshire Council. The requirement for a structured recovery plan was highlighted as was the role of Engage Renfrewshire in providing practical support to the various communities.  

It was also considered that the resilience of the local communities was considered as a learning point.

DECIDED: That the presentation and discussion be noted.
Presentation by YouDecide Team member.
G Heaney delivered a presentation relative to #YouDecide, a participatory budgeting exercise that gave communities a key role in deciding their priorities for environmental and physical infrastructure improvements to be undertaken throughout Renfrewshire over the next three years via a Community Investment Fund of £1.2m.

The presentation explained the #YouDecide concept and highlighted the marketing and promotional work already undertaken as a first phase to encourage communities, groups and individuals to submit their ideas for environmental improvements.  A video was shown, featuring local groups and individuals, explained how to get involved and inspired the submission of ideas.  As a result of engagement initiatives, over 2700 proposals/ideals had been submitted, with 104 ideas/proposals for improvements for the Erskine, Inchinnan, Bishopton & Langbank area.  

The second phase of #YouDecide was underway and would conclude at the end of January 2022 with a shortlist of projects that were suitable and feasible having undergone technical assessment against set criteria.  During the third and final phase of #YouDecide communities would be invited to vote on which shortlisted project they wished to see proceed.  It was anticipated that the winning projects would be announced in early March 2022.

DECIDED:  That the presentation be noted.
Presentation by S Miller, Engage Renfrewshire.
Prior to his presentation, S Miller, Engage Renfrewshire. referred to the activities of a number of community groups were assisting their local communities through the distribution of food parcels, emergency deliveries of medication etc. Funding had been put in place by a number of organisations and Engage Renfrewshire had been involved in promoting and co-distributing some of those funds. He undertook to provide to the Local Partnership information which Engage Renfrewshire had retained relating to the number of groups which had applied for emergency funding and the amount of money dispersed to these groups. The Chair requested that this information be circulated by email to the members of the Partnership. This was agreed.

Thereafter there was submitted a presentation by S Miller, Engage Renfrewshire, relative to the national Communities Mental Health & Wellbeing Fund (the Fund).  The Fund aimed to promote and develop good mental health and wellbeing and to protect against the impact of distress and mental ill health in adults.  

Engage Renfrewshire announced that Renfrewshire had secured an award of £509,542 from the Fund and small “grass roots” community groups and organisations with a strong community focus could now apply for funding towards projects that tackled issues such as: suicide prevention; social isolation; loneliness prevention and early intervention; and/or addressed any mental health inequalities exacerbated by the pandemic and the needs of a range of “at risk” groups locally.

More information, including application forms and project examples, was available online:
Community Mental Health & | Support | Engage (

S Miller advised that the fund would open on 15 November 2021, and organisations could apply more than once if they were running a variety of different projects, and partnership applications would be encouraged. The deadline for applications was 7 January 2022.  It was noted that the funds required to be allocated by end of March 2022.


(a) That information held by Engage Renfrewshire relating to the number of groups which had applied for emergency funding and the amount of money dispersed to these be circulated by email to the members of the Partnership;

(b) That the presentation be noted; 

(c) That as Engage Renfrewshire was the contact point for enquiries, applications, delivery of funds and monitoring compliance, members should contact to suggest suitable projects; and

(d) That the presentation be circulated to all members off the Local Partnership.
Report by Chief Executive, Renfrewshire Council.
There was submitted a report by the Chief Executive relative to the status of the budget allocated to this Partnership for disbursement to local voluntary groups and organisations from the General Fund and Celebrating Renfrewshire.

The report highlighted that £193.86 was available to be disbursed from the General Fund and that Celebrating Renfrewshire, the participatory budgeting exercise to deliver funding to youth groups in the area, was still underway.

DECIDED: That the report be noted.

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