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Local Partnership - Johnstone & Linwood
17 Nov 2021 - 18:00 to 20:00
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Committee Members
Councillor Derek Bibby; Councillor Bill Binks; Councillor Jacqueline Cameron; Lesley Compston (KLAS Care); Councillor Andy Doig; Councillor Audrey Doig; Councillor Alison Jean Dowling; Adele Fraser (Linstone Housing Association); Councillor John Hood; Margaret Johnston (Johnstone Business Consortium); Ricky Kelly (Johnstone Castle Tenants’ and Residents’ Association); Councillor Scott Kerr; Margaret Lavery (Quarrelton Area Tenants’ and Residents’ Association); George MacDonald (Corseford Tenants’ and Residents’ Association); Councillor Alastair MacKay; Iain McMillan (Johnstone Community Sports Complex); Karen McShane (Johnstone Dementia Friendly Group); Councillor Emma Rodden; Councillor James Sheridan; Gavin Stewart (Renfrewshire Youth Voice); Cheryl Thomas (Active Communities); and Thomas Wallace (Johnstone Community Council).
Councillor Andy Steel (Chair); James McLeod (Linwood Community Council) (Vice-chair).
Standard Items
Recording of Meeting

This meeting has been recorded for subsequent broadcast via the Council’s internet site. If you have any queries regarding this please contact Committee Services. To find the recording please follow the link below.

Items Of Business
Apologies from members.
Declarations of Interest
Members are asked to declare an interest in any item(s) on the agenda and to provide a brief explanation of the nature of the interest.
There were no declarations of interest intimated prior to the commencement of the
1 Minute
Minute of previous meeting held on 22 June 2021.
There was submitted the Minute of the meeting of this Local Partnership held on 22 June 2021.

Councillor Dowling and Iain McMillan highlighted that there attendance at the meeting was not recorded in the minute.

Councillor Mackay highlighted that while declaring an interest in relation to item 4 – Applications for Local Partnership Funding to Johnstone and Linwood Local Partnership 2020/21 - FR1118 he stated he would not take part in the discussion or voting on any application of funding, not just his own, and this was not recorded in the minute. 

Iain McMillan highlighted that his organisation name had not been updated and that his reason for declaring an interest in item 4 – Applications for Local Partnership Funding to Johnstone and Linwood Local Partnership 2020/21 - FR1144 he stated that he was a member of the organisation, not related to a member as recorded in the minute.

DECIDED: That the Minute be approved subject to the amendments noted above.
Report by Chief Executive, Renfrewshire Council.
There was submitted a report by the Chief Executive relative to the eligibility of applications for Local Partnership funding and options around the application of the criteria to assist decision making.

At the meeting on 22 June 2021 the Partnership agreed that the information contained in the report would become a standing item on the agenda for future meetings.  The report provided a link to guidance for applicants to help them provide the information required for the Partnership to make funding decisions including alignment with local priorities and the local community benefits. It also set out examples of the flexibility that Local Partnerships have in terms of the methodology they use to determine grant applications such as funding caps and the ability to limit grant awards to groups which are based in the local area.

Discussion took place around the Partnership's policy of refusing grant applications for Renfrewshire wide applications and whether this policy could result in a group which is not based in the local area but still serves local residents being refused funding.  It was highlighted that despite the policy it would still be possible for funding to be approved in such cases under exceptional circumstances.

DECIDED:  That the report be noted.
G Heaney delivered a presentation relative to #YouDecide, a participatory budgeting exercise that gave communities a key role in deciding their priorities for environmental and physical infrastructure improvements to be undertaken throughout Renfrewshire over the next three years via a Community Investment Fund of £1.2m.

The presentation explained the #YouDecide concept and highlighted the marketing and promotional work already undertaken as a first phase to encourage communities, groups and individuals to submit their ideas for environmental improvements.  A video was shown, featuring local groups and individuals, explained how to get involved and inspired the submission of ideas.  As a result of engagement initiatives, over 2700 proposals/ideals had been submitted, with 104 ideas/proposals for improvements for the Erskine, Inchinnan, Bishopton & Langbank area.  

The second phase of #YouDecide was underway and would conclude at the end of January 2022 with a shortlist of projects that were suitable and feasible having undergone technical assessment against set criteria.  During the third and final phase of #YouDecide communities would be invited to vote on which shortlisted project they wished to see proceed.  It was anticipated that the winning projects would be announced in early March 2022.

DECIDED:  That the presentation be noted.
There was submitted a presentation by K McIntyre, Engage Renfrewshire, relative to the national Communities Mental Health & Wellbeing Fund (the Fund).  The Fund aimed to promote and develop good mental health and wellbeing and to protect against the impact of distress and mental ill health in adults.  

Engage Renfrewshire announced that Renfrewshire had secured an award of £509,542 from the Fund and small “grass roots” community groups and organisations with a strong community focus could now apply for funding towards projects that tackled issues such as: suicide prevention; social isolation; loneliness prevention and early intervention; and/or addressed any mental health inequalities exacerbated by the pandemic and the needs of a range of “at risk” groups locally.

K McIntyre advised that the fund had opened on 15 November 2021, and organisations could apply more than once if they were running a variety of different projects, and partnership applications would be encouraged. The deadline for applications was 7 January 2022.  It was noted that the funds required to be allocated by end of March 2022.


(a) That information held by Engage Renfrewshire relating to the number of groups which had applied for emergency funding and the amount of money dispersed to these be circulated by email to the members of the Partnership;

(b) That the presentation be noted; 

(c) That as Engage Renfrewshire was the contact point for enquiries, applications, delivery of funds and monitoring compliance, members should contact them to suggest suitable projects; and

(d) That the presentation be circulated to all members off the Local Partnership.
The Partnership recieved a presentation from P Moss, Strategy, Policy & Insight Manager and R Smith, Climate Emergency Lead Officer, to provide an update on the climate emergency.

The presentation set out the action being taken in Renfrewshire to help tackle climate change, key messages from the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the importance of ensuring that the changes being made to tackle climate change did not further contribute to inequalities and the progress which had been made to tackle climate change in Scotland to date. 

Iain McMillan, Thorn Athletic Sports Academy, requested that the presentation be given at a meeting of the club's Executive Committee. It was suggested that the other Local Partnerships be encouraged to invite the presenters to a future meeting.


(a) That the content of the report be noted; and

(b) That the chairs of the other Local Partnerships would be offered the chance to receive the presentation at a future meeting.
Report by Chief Executive, Renfrewshire Council.
There was submitted a report by the Chief Executive relative to the grant funds which the Partnership was responsible for distributing.

The report noted that the balance of the General Grant Fund had been dispersed and all monies had been paid out to successful applicants as detailed in Appendix 1 to the report. A verbal update was provided detailing the grants awarded from the Celebrating Renfrewshire Youth Challenge Fund through a participatory budgeting exercise on 12 November 2021.  The balance of the fund was awarded as follows:

Johnstone Castle Learning Centre - £2,500
Youth Interventions - £2,323.28
CREATE Paisley – The Space - £2,250
Own Yer Bike - £1,987.90
Riverbrae School - £2,500
Fordbank Scout Group - £2,500
CREATE -Paisley #throughthestorms - £2,410
Who Cares? Scotland - £2,500
PACE Theatre Company - £2,500
Afroscots United - £225.82

DECIDED: That the content of the report be noted.
Discussion item.
Members of the Partnership were given the opportunity to provide an update on activities in the local area which had started or resumed since the pandemic.

Iain McMillan, Thorn Athletic Community Sports Academy, gave an update on the activities on offer at the club which had increased its membership to over 500 players across all age groups and had recently added a walking football team.  A £50,000 grant had also been recieved to improve drainage on the pitch and to erect a fence around the perimeter, both of which would help improve the quality of the surface and allow it to be used more by local teams. The hall had also seen bookings increase and was available to hire for a wide range of activities including fitness classes and social functions.

Cheryl Thomas, Active Communities, agreed to circulate the list of activities which was being offered by the group and noted that while Covid-19 restrictions remained in place there were a limit on the number of users permitted and venues which could be used.

DECIDED: That the updates provided be noted.
Led by Chief Executives.
This item was continued to a future meeting of the Partnership to allow for wider participation.

Discussion took place around the low attendance at recent partnership meetings, whether other Local Partnerships were experiencing similar issues and if holding meetings virtually was one of the reasons behind this.  It was suggested that, should regulations permit, a venue large enough to accommodate all members of the Partnership be sought to allow the next meeting to take place in person.


(a) That this item be continued to a future meeting of the Partnership; and 

(b) That, should regulations permit, a venue large enough to accommodate all members of the Partnership be sought to allow the next meeting to take place in person.
Johnstone and Linwood Local Priorities
Key theme: Focus on young people
The Local Partnership are particularly keen to see a focus on how young people can be engaged and involved in work around the Local Priorities.

Taking pride in the look and feel of our towns
The Local Partnership want people in Johnstone and Linwood to take pride in the look and feel of their towns and their heritage, with vibrant and well-used town squares, fewer derelict buildings, and making sure the streets are clean.

What's on in Johnstone and Linwood
The Local Partnership want to explore how people know what's going on across Johnstone and Linwood. They also want to see community spaces and community events which are safe and affordable, particularly in community halls and hubs.

Roads and transport
The Local Partnership want to address a range of issues related to roads and transport, including congestion, speed, parking and public transport connections.

Community safety
The Local Partnership want to see safe spaces, both safe from crime but also safe physical environments. They also want to look at how they can, along with other community leaders, promote the reporting of crime and anti-social behaviour.

Declarations of Interests

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No declarations of interest have been entered for this meeting.


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