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Petitions Board
28 Mar 2022 - 14:00 to 16:00
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Prior to the commencement of the meeting the Convener intimated that this meeting of the Board would be webcast live on the Council's website.
Items Of Business
Report by Director of Finance & Reaources.
There was submitted a report by the Director of Finance & Resources relative to a petition which had been received which related to the temporary cycle lane on Beith Road, Johnstone.  

The report intimated that the Head of Corporate Governance considered that the petition was not valid in terms of paragraph 3 (b)(x) of the Council’s procedures for dealing with petitions, namely “petitions about any decisions which we have made as a Council, or decisions a board, committee, joint committee or officer in the last six months”. 

The report intimated that the Council at its meeting on 3 March 2022 had approved the following Motions in relation to the cycle lane:

“Council notes that during the lengthy trial of a temporary lane on Beith Road, Johnstone, material changes have arisen since this council last considered this issue, specifically:

Ongoing difficulties in maintaining the lane free of debris and/or water, forcing cyclists out onto the flow of traffic; road safety concerns regarding road users and pedestrians at the junction of Beith Road and Linn Brae; traffic going the wrong way on Beith Road due to uncertainty over road markings; and the impact on business along the route due to changes in the parking layout.

Council also notes that public disquiet has remained regarding the installing and operation of this section of the cycle route. A requirement of the temporary cycleway was to gain and maintain public support during the trial period. This particular installation is not demonstrating that it is achieving that aim. 

Council therefore agrees to the decommissioning of the Beith Road section of the cycle lane with immediate effect and to examine alternative plans which would provide safe, off-road cycling provision for this area.”  and

“Beith Road Cycle Path
Council is dismayed at the effect of the cycle path on the Beith Road and instructs that all changes revert back to the initial set-up”

The report advised that notwithstanding the Head of Corporate Governance’s view, it was for the Board to determine the validity of the petition and whether they wished to hear it.

DECIDED: That the petition was not valid in terms of the Council’s procedure for dealing with petitions and that it not be heard.
Report by Director of Finance & Resources.
There was submitted a report by the Director of Finance & Resources relative to a petition received from Mrs. C Wilson in the following terms. The Petitioner was not in attendance:

"Things are so so for now but think that’s down to the weather not been so good as that seems to escalate it. I have been to most of neighbours doors to find out their thoughts regarding some of the tenants in the maisonettes. Most of them are not happy with the antisocial behaviour that’s been ongoing for few years now and have said they have reported it many times but nothing ever was done. I asked if they would like to add their names to a petition to have council do something about the types of tenants that are being allocated these flats. Especially the bottom flats. So, i have collected 30 names and addresses of neighbours that wish something to be done about this. I will forward this list to you. The boxes that cover electric meters are all knocked off and noticed that the grass has not been cut. Not sure if it’s because of litter on the grass”.

The report advised that sections of the Petition had been redacted as they had identified an individual.

The Area Housing Manager advised that Renfrewshire Common Allocation policy was based on a group plus priority approach and had a clear focus on meeting housing need. The policy had been developed to be compliant with housing and other relevant legislation, and also took into account good practice guidance from the Scottish Government and the Scottish Housing Regulator. This included the standards set out in the Scottish Social Housing Charter.

The report indicated that by allocating, the Council meant the process of selecting people from its housing list, offering a house and, if accepted, signing a tenancy agreement with the tenant. The Council’s housing list was divided into five groups – Homelessness, Mobility Group, General Applicants Group, Transfer Applicant Group (with housing need) and Transfer Applicant Group (no housing need). The Council would allocate housing according to targets for the proportion of lets to each group. Allocation targets were set to ensure that those in housing need receive an equitable share of allocations.

The report indicated that the Investigator, Communities & Housing Services had advised the anti-social aspects of the complaint were being investigated and that one resident had been interviewed. This investigation had been passed to the Community Safety Hub for investigation.

The report indicated that the Investigator had advised that in April 2021 due to Covid-19 restrictions, home visits were not being carried out, however a leaflet drop and calling cards were posted through properties in Foxbar Crescent to encourage residents to make contact, should they wish to, and report any potential anti-social incidents for investigation. An introductory letter was sent to one resident explaining the reason why they were under investigation and informed that their behaviour would be monitored until the conclusion of any court proceedings. Since the commencement of the Investigation, Police Scotland had been at Foxbar Crescent on numerous occasions. The petitioner first made contact on 27 April 2021 however, this was a complaint about a garden party by the occupants at another address in Foxbar Crescent, Paisley.

The report intimated that the Investigator had indicated that complaints tended to be generally about the residents of the flats in Foxbar Crescent and not any specific flat. 

Throughout the investigation there had been general complaints from witnesses regarding the occupants and the aesthetics of the flats in general. A further leaflet drop and calling cards were delivered to houses in the area in August 2021, this again resulted in generalised complaints but none specifically about any named individual.

The Investigator had advised that on 10 December 2021 a warning was issued to an individual due to anti-social behaviour.

Councillor Adam McGregor, seconded by Councillor Campbell moved that no action be taken in relation to the Petition and that the Petitioner be advised accordingly. This was agreed unanimously 

DECIDED: That no further action be taken in relation to the Petition.  


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