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Renfrewshire Community Planning Partnership Oversight Group
20 May 2019 - 15:00 to 16:30
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Committee Members
Councillor Derek Bibby: Councillor Jacqueline Cameron: Councillor Cathy McEwan: Councillor
Marie McGurk: Councillor Jim Paterson: Councillor John Shaw:
Councillor Nicolson
Councillor Nicolson, Chair, presided.
Councillors Cameron, McEwan and Nicolson.
In Attendance
S Black, Chief Executive, L McIntyre, Head of Policy & Commissioning, S Graham, Partnerships & Planning Manager (all Chief Executive’s); and C MacDonald, Senior Committee Services Officer, Finance & Resources.
Standard Items
Members of the Press and Public
Members of the press and public wishing to attend the meeting should report to the customer service centre where they will be met and directed to the meeting.
Further Information

This is a meeting which is open to members of the public. 

A copy of the agenda and reports for this meeting will be available for inspection prior to the meeting at the Customer Service Centre, Renfrewshire House, Cotton Street, Paisley and online at

For further information, please either email or telephone 0141 618 7112.

Items Of Business
Apologies from members.
Councillors Bibby, McGurk, Paterson and Shaw.
Declarations of Interest
Members are asked to declare an interest in any item(s) on the agenda and to provide a brief explanation of the nature of the interest.
Councillor J Cameron declared an interest in Item 3 of the agenda as Chair of the Alcohol and Drugs Commission and indicated that it was her intention to remain in the meeting and take part in the discussion thereon.
Minute of previous meeting held on 25 September 2018.
  1. pdf OG250918 (122Kb)
There was submitted the Minute of the meeting of the Community Planning Partnership Oversight Group held on 25 September 2018. 

DECIDED: That the Minute be approved.
Report by Head of Policy & Commissioning
There was submitted a report by the Chief Executive relative to the creation of a new public health body.

The report advised that Public health reform was a partnership between the Scottish Government and COSLA but also required the combined efforts of partners from across the public, private and third sectors and local communities. The reform aimed to challenge current ways of working, put more decisions directly in the hands of citizens and provide support to local communities to develop their own approaches and solutions to local population health challenges.

Community planning and health and social care partnerships would be enablers of change and would work with public health teams and communities to realise the reform ambitions for whole system working to improve the public's health, by developing local solutions to local public health challenges.

It was envisaged that Public Health Scotland would be established in December 2019
and there were several strands of the work already underway to inform how the new
body would function and operate.

DECIDED:   That the report be noted.
Report by Chief Executive.
There was submitted a report by the Chief Executive which provided an update on the establishment of an Alcohol and Drugs Commission in Renfrewshire.

The report advised that the Alcohol and Drugs Commission was generated through the development of the Community Plan in 2017. The Partnership recognised that there were a range of services and groups and organisations which supported individuals and families affected by drug and alcohol use locally. However, as a community planning partnership, there was a clear commitment to establishing a true picture of the impact of alcohol and drugs in Renfrewshire and to better understanding the implications.

The report advised that support from partner organisations in terms of progressing and responding to the requests of the Commission would be appreciated and attendance at the meetings, while not essential would be welcomed, particularly in terms of specific themes which were of interest. It was noted that following the first meeting of the Commission the programme of work would be circulated for information.

The Head of Policy & Commissioning, Chief Executive’s Service, Renfrewshire Council advised that the first meeting of the Commission took place on 19 March 2019. Commission members were engaged in a focused session to provide an overview of Renfrewshire and its population, with high level information provided for discussion on current trends and areas of concern and potential opportunity.

Recommendations from the Commission’s work would be reported to the Community Planning Partnership Executive Group in early 2020.


(a)   That the work undertaken to date to establish the Commission be noted; and

(b)   That it be noted that regular updates on the work of the Commission would be provided to members of the group, with initial recommendations being reported in early 2020.
Report by Chief Executive.
There was submitted a report by the Chief Executive which provided an overview of the ‘Is Scotland Fairer? 2018’ report published by the Equalities and Human Rights Commission.

The report provided an assessment of comparative “fairness” between different groups in key areas of life, such as work and health. The Commission has used the report to drive the development of its new strategic plan which was recently subject to consultation and was scheduled for publication in April 2019.

In 2017, the Our Renfrewshire – Community Plan was approved, with specific themes identified to tackle inequality and promote fairness. The publication of the Equalities and Human Rights Commission report provided an opportunity for community planning partners to review its focus and to identify potential additional areas for collective action.


(a)   That the summary of the Equalities and Human Rights Commission’s ‘Is Scotland
Fairer?’ report be noted; and

(b)   That the action agreed by Renfrewshire Community Planning Executive Group to identify additional action to be taken forward collectively by community planning partners to tackle inequality and promote fairness be noted.
Report by Chief Executive.
There was submitted a report by the Chief Executive relative to an update on the Local Partnerships.

The report advised that the Local Partnerships were now established, and their membership had been agreed, with a wide range of community organisations being represented across the area.

The report intimated that at the first full round of meetings in March and April, Local Partnerships discussed and agreed a set of Local Priorities. It was noted that the Local Priorities would shape the work plan for the Partnerships going forward, and also support each Local Partnership to make decisions about the award of grants. The priorities would require regular review and refinement as the Local Partnerships established themselves.

Significant work had been carried out to review the grant making processes, improve administration to aid decision making and also to improve the experience of the community organisations who were applying. Three drop-in events to assist organisations to apply for Local Partnership grants were organised during April and May 2019 and work was in progress to carry out a Participatory Budgeting exercise involving young people in order to allocate the Youth Challenge Fund resource which would conclude in late summer 2019. 

DECIDED:   That the progress made in developing and implementing the Local Partnership Model be noted.


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