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Climate Change Sub-Committee

To consider matters relating to Climate Change and the Council's response to the Climate Emergency including its progress towards achieving the target of net zero carbon emissions by 2030, the development of an adaptation plan for the Council in order to achieve this target, and to make recommendations to the Council and the Leadership Board regarding those matters.
27 February 2020 - onwards
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Meeting DateStart TimeEnd TimeVenueStatusCalendar
28 October 202014:0016:00Teams MeetingOccurred
09 December 202013:0014:30Teams MeetingOccurred
16 February 202114:0015:30Teams MeetingOccurred
19 April 202110:0012:00Teams MeetingOccurred
02 June 202110:0012:00Teams MeetingOccurred
01 September 202110:0012:00Remotely via MS TeamsOccurred
17 November 202114:0016:00Remotely via MS TeamsOccurred
09 February 202210:0012:00Corporate Meeting Room 2Scheduled 
06 April 202210:0012:00Corporate Meeting Room 2Scheduled 


PartyNameRoleMembership Dates
Scottish Labour Party
Councillor Bill Brown Member 08/10/2020 - current
Scottish Conservative and Unionist
Councillor Neill Graham Member 08/10/2020 - current
Scottish Labour Party
Councillor John Hood Vice Chair 08/10/2020 - current
Scottish National Party
Councillor Lisa-Marie Hughes Member 26/11/2020 - current
Scottish Liberal Democrats
Councillor Eileen McCartin Member 26/11/2020 - current
Scottish National Party
Councillor Cathy McEwan Member 13/10/2020 - current
Scottish National Party
Councillor Marie McGurk Member 13/10/2020 - current
Scottish National Party
Councillor Iain Nicolson Chair 08/10/2020 - current
Scottish National Party
Councillor John Shaw Member 13/10/2020 - current


Officer NameOfficer RoleOfficer Membership Dates
Ms Julie Barron Officer 08/10/2020 - current
Mr David Love Officer 20/04/2021 - current
Ms Laura McIntyre Officer 08/10/2020 - current
Ms Pauline Moss Officer 08/10/2020 - current

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