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Improving Life Chances Group

Brings together the work of the Children and Young People Board and the Tackling Poverty Steering Group; and Focus on the contribution of partner organisations to health improvement, reducing inequalities and addressing the attainment gap.
10 May 2017 - onwards
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Meeting DateStart TimeEnd TimeVenueStatusCalendar
27 June 201814:0016:00Corporate Meeting Room 2Occurred
27 August 201813:0016:00Corporate Meeting Room 1Occurred
07 September 201810:0012:00Corporate Meeting Room 1Occurred
06 December 201810:0012:00Corporate Meeting Room 1Occurred
13 March 201914:0016:00Corporate Meeting Room 2Occurred
05 September 201910:0012:00Corporate Meeting Room 1Occurred
19 December 201909:3011:00Corporate Meeting Room 2Occurred


PartyNameRoleMembership Dates
There are no elected members on the specified date for this committee.


Appointee NameAppointee RoleAppointee Membership Dates
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Mr Alex Buchanan Member 02/11/2018 - current
Ms Susan Clocherty Member 01/06/2018 - current
Ms Heather Cunningham Member 23/05/2019 - current
Ms Jackie Dougall Co-Chair 06/09/2018 - current
Mr Maurice Gilligan Member 01/06/2018 - current
Ms Stephanie Graham Member 01/06/2018 - current
Mr Stuart Graham Officer 01/06/2018 - current
Ms Nicola Harkness Member 01/06/2018 - current
Ms Emma Hester Member 11/02/2019 - current
Martin Hill Member 21/01/2020 - current


Officer NameOfficer RoleOfficer Membership Dates
Ms Annabelle Armstrong-Walter Officer 01/06/2018 - current
Ms Ruth Cooper Member 02/11/2018 - current
Mr Steven Quinn Co-Chair 08/02/2019 - current
Mr Oliver Reid Member 01/06/2018 - current
Mr John Trainer Member 01/06/2018 - current


No Substitute information needs to be specified as the Substitution type is all. Any elected member may substitute.
Carol MacDonald

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