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Petitions Board
30 Aug 2021 - 14:00 to 16:00
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Apologies from members.
Councillors Adam-McGregor and Steel.
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There were no declarations of interest intimated prior to the commencement of the meeting.
Report by Director of Finance & Resources.
There was submitted a petition containing 43 signatures from Mr H Lister in the following terms: -

“Cars parked in Gartmore Road (mainly, parking by residents living in Hawkhead Road, not using their own driveways) near or on the corner are forcing motorists entering or exiting into a narrow slot which has led to cars just avoiding head on collisions. Motorists parking and using Gartmore Road ignore the access only signs. School children crossing the road are being put in danger as cars parked block a driver's view. As we have a number of schools with pupils using Hawkhead Road this problem of child safety requires your urgent attention. A child's view when crossing Gartmore Road is restricted by parked cars.

We the Residents of Gartmore Road wish the Council to Double Yellow Line the entrance to our road up to the bollards. To consider a solution to stop motorists using our road as a shortcut to avoid the lights at the junction of Glasgow Road and Hawkhead Road. Through traffic using Gartmore Road is on the increase. The large number of houses being built on Hawkhead Road will only increase the foregoing problems. Your early attention would be appreciated. Can an Access only Road be backed by law and drivers warned or fined?

Note: - Even numbers start at 40. Odd numbers have gaps and numbers 25, 27 and 41 to 55 have not been used. Stopped at Alton Road and did not take· in houses in Gartmore Road beyond this point as they tend to exit Glasgow Road. Resident in number 3 agreed that there was a serious problem parking and his reason for not signing was the cars would be parked further up the road. Could lead to problems with accessing or exiting his driveway.  Extended yellow lines a solution.

The response from the residents signing to support the need for double yellow Iines was very positive and many were angry that our road was being used for parking by people living in Hawkhead Road”.

In the absence of the Petitioner, Councillor Campbell, seconded by Councillor Hughes moved that consideration of the petition be continued to the next meeting of the Board. This was agreed unanimously.

DECIDED: That consideration of the Petition be continued to the next meeting of the Petitions Board.


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Councillor Jennifer Adam 
Councillor Andy Steel 
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